Your personal crew is yours for the day -- a full 8 hour day. Which means, once the painting is done we're still yours, to tackle some of those tasks on your "Fix-it" list . . . at no extra charge! Not only do we want you to be thrilled with your paint job, we want you to be thrilled by the extra service we give you!
Until your scheduled day, we won't know exactly how much time will remain for fix-it tasks, but we encourage you to make a list for us from some of these jobs . . .
•Change light bulbs
•Clean high windows
•Recaulk tub, sink or shower
•Repair drywall or plaster cracks
•Reglue wallpaper
•Replace smoke and fire alarm batteries
•Unstick windows
•Remove cob webs
•Oil squeaky hinges
•Hang pictures
•And much more!
"I could not believe it! Not only did I get my kitchen painted beautifully . . . the guys fixed my peeling wallpaper, washed my skylight, and cleaned the gunk from behind my refrigerator. Now that is what I call service!"
Business Owner, Laura Lee